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Cherri V in the studio with Angel Oct 2009

CherriVon | 29 August 2010

Cherri V and Angel in the studio aka the dungen along with progression (Chorus Writers of Roll Deep track GREEN LIGHT)...... in Oct 2009... JUST found this on youtube so I decided to add to my channel : )

SdotP TV Presents Cherri V Interview On Sheffield Live (The Saturday Sound Clash) 28.08.10

sdotphillie | 29 August 2010

I had a conversation with Cherri V & she let me know what was new, what been going on & what's coming. Have a listen & feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Make sure you check out my show every week on Saturdays 1700-1900 GMT Sheffield Live 93.2 FM/http://sheffieldlive.org (The Saturday Sound Clash) Twitter http://twitter.com/SatSoundClash Pin: 2247D63E Email: saturdaysoundclash@gmail.com

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Cherriv facebook message

Cherri Vee 25 August at 10:51 Reply
So my NEW SINGLE "The Show" is out in OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll put it up on the net NEXT WEEK for all of u who havn't heard it : )

The music video is having its final touches......

Heres the behind the scene's footage


Much love for all your support

BIG BIG Cherri Red head SMOOCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S I have a lil sum sum SPECIAL for all my fellow red heads so..... STAY POSTED

I DARE U TO GO RED!!!!!! hehe


Monday, 16 August 2010

Cherriv facebook message

Cherri Vee
Cherri VeeAugust 16, 2010 at 3:58pm
Subject: Cherri on 1-XTRA & Roll Deep Collabo
So my NEW SINGLE "The Show" has hit the radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Had a lil Chat with Twin B on BBC 1-Xtra yesterday live on air before he played the SINGLE

Have a listen here : )

(Link Below)


ALSO ill be performing with No.1 collective ROLL DEEP on Wednesday at the Islington Academy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who has TICKETS???????? Cause its SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will perform our collabo which will be on their album "Winner stays on"

The tracks called "Over the rainbow"

So LOOK out for it guys!!!!!

Roll Deep ft Cherri V



****** "THE SHOW" OUT OCTOBER********

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Trinity Stone Montage

TrinityStone | 05 November 2006

A montage of Trinity Stone

CherriV Trinity Stone Vid Blog

TrinityStone | 02 December 2006

Cherri Trinity Stone part 1

TrinityStone | 02 December 2006

Cherri From Trinity Stone Part 2

Trinity Stone Acapella

Trinity Stone Acapella

lukigoddi | 22 October 2006

their on stage entrance to the virgin megastore gig!

lukigoddi | 21 October 2006

Trinity Stone @ Virgin Megastore

Trinity Stone on the Tube Vid Blog

ghostcam | 27 October 2006

its all in the expression..

ghostcam | 30 October 2006

ye were asked for our autographs....

CherriV on drums Trinity Stone Vid Blog

CherriV on drums n azi n jade get down to the beat!

ghostcam | 30 October 2006

these know how to get down..especially jade...

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Real Love Ne-yo ft. Trinity Stone

Trinity Stone comprised @JadeEwen , @CherriV and @AziAishling

Cherri V exclusive Radio Premier on Rado1Xtra

Cherri Vee August 9, 2010 at 7:58pm
Subject: My NEWW single hits radio TONIGHT!!!!!!!!
My NEWWWW SINGLE "The Show" will be played on the radio for the FIRST TIME EVER TONIGHT!!!!

On Radio 1-xtra @10pm by Ronie Herel

TUNE INNNNNNNNNNNNNN to http://www.facebook.com/l/71678Dpdhi2EN5I0d8KfkJxy3Qw;www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/


Thanks for your support guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG BIG Cherri SMOOCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S Music Video coming SOON

Link to BBC Iplayer to listen again and again and again :-)

Starts at
2:05:18 to be precise

Monday, 9 August 2010

Trinity Stone Move A Little Closer

Trinity Stone comprised @JadeEwen , @CherriV and @AziAishling

ranadamajam | 11 August 2006

Trinity Stone's new video Move A Little Closer

Trinity Stone Interview in 2006?

By Melisa Tang

Meet Trinity Stone, three young and talented ladies on a mission to make the British music industry stand up and take note.

Made up of Londoners Jade (19) and Cherri (22), and Dublin-born Azi (22), Trinity Stone was formed in early 2005, and after a lot of showcasing, attending open mic sessions, handing out demos and networking, a couple of months later the girls signed to Brightside Records/Sony.

Since then, the trio have been working on new material for their debut album, which has seen them fly from London to Los Angeles to write and record with some of the best producers in the industry, including Soulshock & Karlin (Toni Braxton, Monica, Brandy), Cee-Lo Green (Goodie Mob, Gnarls Barkley), and the Grammy Award-winning Brian Rawling (Lemar, Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias).

In fact, it was in Rawling’s studio where friends Azi and Jade first met Cherri, who was busy recording backing vocals for tracks by her auntie, the one and only Mica Paris. That was over a year ago, and now, having spent the whole summer on the road promoting their upcoming album, Trinity Stone are ready to take the UK by storm.

The Situation caught up with the girls amidst all the anticipation for the 2006 Music Of Black Origin (MOBO) awards.

You’re the latest female R&B group to emerge from the UK, following in the footsteps of the likes of Eternal, Honeyz and more recently, Mis-Teeq. How do you feel you differ from other British girl groups before you?
Azi: Well, when it comes to comparisons, it doesn’t really bother us, ‘cos we just wanna do our own thing, and no matter what we do, there’ll always be a comparison.
Jade: I’d say our material is very much about the song and the lyrics, as opposed to the beats, but we’re try’na come with our own. We’ve all got individual influences: Cherri’s got her gospel, Azi’s got her acoustic set-up with The Cranberries and stuff, and I’ve got my big power ballads, the Mariahs and that sort of stuff, so we’re try’na bring something original to our project as well as being a very strong vocal group, ‘cos it’s more about the music and the songs. We can drop an a capella as opposed to have a track where you rely on production and a huge beat to make it successful.

You’ve been busy working on your debut album – what can we expect to hear from it?
Azi: You can expect to hear a mixture of a lot of stuff, erm, African Caribbean beats, acoustic, erm, you can hear the a capella on it… A lot of edgy, rocky music!

Is ‘Move A Little Closer’ a good indicator of how the album will sound?
Jade: That’s just a taster, and it is a good example of what you can expect to hear, but at the same time, it doesn’t give too much away…

Does the album have a title yet?
Azi: It’s a work in progress! There are a few ideas, but nothing really concrete yet.

What was it like working with top producers like Stargate, Brian Rawling and Soulshock & Karlin?
Azi: It’s just been an honour. To work with Stargate and Brian Rawlings, and also Cee-Lo; we worked with Cee-Lo recently. That was an absolute honour. I mean, to be sitting in the same room with these guys was an honour!
Jade: And also Soulshock & Karlin who’s worked with Toni Braxton and Whitney (Houston), like wow!
Cherri: You learn so much from them as well, just being in a recording booth alone with them in a working environment, so it’s really been a good experience.
Azi: Yeah, we’ve worked with some amazing people.

Which artists/producers would you like to work with in the future? Do you have a dream collaboration?
Jade: Timbaland!
Cherri: Yeah, Timbaland, or Pharrell or… Diane Warren
Azi: Yeah, we love her!
Jade: Yeah, she’s unbelievable!

Who were your musical inspirations in the making of this album?
Azi: Well, for me, when I was growing up, I listened to The Cranberries, and I liked that kind of music, so they were kinda my inspirations, and you’ll come across that through the course of the album.
Cherri: For me, obviously my aunt has been a big influence, and a lot of gospel artists like The Winans and the Clark Sisters; R&B artists like Janet (Jackson), especially performance wise.
Jade: Mine was like I mentioned before, the Mariahs, the Whitneys, all the big power singers, the power ballads!

What are the group dynamics like? What do you each bring to the band?
Jade: Well, personality-wise, I’d say we’re all big characters! We’re all very up for it and all very opinionated, so it’s a lot of fun!
Azi: I suppose Cherri’s the more sensible one…
Cherri: Oh whatever!
Jade: She is! She’s trying to act like she’s not, but she is.
Azi: (impersonating Cherri) ‘Ooh, it’s fantastic! That’s fantastic! You look fantastic!’ Everything’s fantastic to her at the moment!
Cherri: Jade’s the mildly scatty one in the group, but she’s the youngest so she can get away with it.
Jade: Vocally, Azi’s the bass; you can feel it vibrating in your chest! And we’ve also got the alto and soprano – both Cherri and I can swap between the two.

Most bands tend to have a lead singer, or one who tends to be more of a spokesperson for the group – is that the same with you?
Azi: I don’t know, you know. I’ve never really thought about it.
Cherri: No one’s really the spokesperson, ‘cos we all like talking! But when it comes to vocals, I think it’s just when it comes to each individual track, like sometimes one person in the group would take more verses or whatever.
Jade: It depends on each track; the pitch, the tone, but we can each hold our own.
Azi: Of course, at the end of the day, we want to have a hit record, so whoever can bring out the best in the track will sing it. And there isn’t a lead, because even if it’s just one person on the track, it’s not ‘I’ did it, it’s ‘we’ did it, you know, so it’s very much ‘we’, not ‘I’ – there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’!
Cherri: But there is an ‘I’ in ‘Trinity’! Two, in fact!

What do you hope to achieve by this time next year?
Azi: Obviously we’d hope for a MOBO nomination, erm, big fan base, and just have a lot of support from the British music industry.
Jade: Yeah, we just gotta get out there and spread the word.

Watch out for Trinity Stone’s debut album and single coming soon.

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Manny Norte talks to Cherri V (UK Singer)

mannynorte :-
The name you can trusts hooks up with rising star Cherri V on her fresh new track, hooking up with Baby Blue, and even puts her on the spot to drop an acapella.

CherriV on set of "The Show" Punchbowl article, pics and vid

Thanks to Punchbowlblog

Exclusive On The Video Set| Cherri V ‘The Show’

Check out rising UK songstress; Cherri V on the set of the video for her new single ‘The Show’ which is out October 18th. The track is produced by T2 who also produced the number one single ‘Heartbroken’ and is taken from Cherri’s debut album – ‘Miss Voncelle’ out in 2011.

Niece of Micha Paris and former band member of ‘Trinity Stone’… Singer/ songwriter Cherri V is definitely one to keep an eye on!

We expect to see big things from her in the future!

Cherri V Tweetphotos Red Hot !

Unleasing on of the promo pics.... New single "The Show" its coming...

Big berry cherri smooches

Some randomness I done with my hair before I hit the studio earlier LOL once I had hit the booth, more random

Cherri V Facebook Message and Schedule

Cherri Vee 02 August at 13:35
Hey all!!!!!

Today is the day when i'll see the VERY FIRST edit of my NEWWW music video so ill let ya know how that goes : )


I'm performing LIVE this saturday @ The Gallery, 407 - 411 Hendon Way London NW4 3LH


*******************FREEEEEEEE ENTRY!!!!!!!!****************


Who's coming????

I'LL be performing my NEWWWW Single also so COME DOWN : )

Big Big Cherri SMOOCHES!!!