Friday, 30 April 2010

Cherri V Facebook Message

Cherri Vee 29 April at 14:54 Reply
They r here in LONDON TOWN to perform their hits "Wifey" and "get close" and NEW material......

Here's a you tube msg DIRECT from them to LONDON


Looking forward.....

"yes ill be your wifeyyyyyyyyyyy"


Cherri V SMOOCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Cherri V Tweets and Tweetphotos

CherriV:Still @ Troy bar.... Calmed down a lil now lol

CherriV:Pear Cider.... My weekness *yeah I said it lol*

CherriV:Drinking Pear Cider through a straw *side eyes* LOL

CherriV:2 days to go!!!!

CherriV: Bout to have THEE PR, and press meeting ; ) moving forward..... So excited about working with this team ; )

CherriV: I miss my lil Jack Russel ; ( her name was "Bibbi" hehehehe prob lil live wire she was!! She would chuck it with ANY dog, ANY shape or size!

CherriV: Nothing like a pair of white pumps or kicks when the sun is shining.......

CherriV: People always feel what's real, even if the situation or event has pass. "Silent Lover"

Monday, 26 April 2010

Cherri V Tweets and Tweetphotos


Can't wait for u guys to see the pics from my promo shoot... @stephentosh JUST picked em up!!! Whoop whoop!! ; )

Off to see @maireadrocks perform... @juniorjkkirton on drums.... *lil rockstar* look out for her ; )

CherriV : Everytime I hear it now, it makes me smile cause I'm NO LONGER in that situation : )

CherriV : Seriously the feedback on "Silent Lover" is crazy to me cause I wrote that a few years ago STRAIGHT from the heart! *True stories* .... Cont

CherriV : Thanking God for the gift of song and the ability to write about the matters of my heart along with melody.

CherriV : If u have been given a gift TREASURE it and don't abuse it, Give thanks and forever use it. about 14 hours ago via UberTwitter

CherriV : Waow so the Whitney Concert was an experience.... STILL love her regardless....

Saturday, 24 April 2010

SB.TV A64 [Acoustic64] - Cherri V

23 April 2010 —

Friday, 23 April 2010

CherriV schedule

Cherri V Today Cherri V is recording her A64 with @sbtvonline !

Cherri VIs hosting at this event....Next in LONDON
Location:Pigalle Club
Time:Thursday, 29 April 2010 20:00

Cherri V will be hosting the Next: Come Back Tour Concert on 29th April at the Pigalle Club, Piccadilly in London.

Next will be performing their new single as well as all their classics. Supported on the night by David Mensah and Debra Debz.

Cherri V will also be performing one of the tracks of her upcoming album...

For more information go to or contact Jay on 07854 567 176

Tickets are available via

Hope to see you there!!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

CherriV and Babyblue photo and tweets from recording studio

cherriv: In the booth last night with @IamBabyBlue: whoop whoop can't wait till u hear the track ; )

cherriv:Short but sweet studio session with @IamBabyBlue ; ) *silence is golden*

cherriv:RT @IamBabyBlue: In the studio with @cheriv this track is a certified banger trust meeeeeeee»»bang bang!!! Whoop whoop

cherriv: @ the studio....... I smell a collabo..... U KayyYyyyyyyyyy!!!!

cherriv:Cherri Red + Baby Blue?????? *wink*

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Cherri V Promo Shoot April 2010

CherriVon — 21 April 2010 — live in action at my promo shoot : ) cant wait till the pics r ready : )

Showing some CherriV Love !

Showing Some Love - Comments and Graphics!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Cherri V Tweets + Photos from Photoshoot

CherriV : REALLY happy with the two looks shot so far ; )

Make up did....

One of the make up looks for the shoot today ; ) by my make up artist Ms Sheeba Raye, love her work *excitement*

CherriV : Can't WAIT till u guys hear Roll deep ft Cherri V "Over the Rainbow" ; ) all in due time ; ) *as u were then*

CherriV : ...... Trying my best to keep ya updated ; )

CherriV : In the hair and make up chair whoop deepedee doooooo!!! Imma post some pics soon and film a few clips for youtube ; ) .....

CherriV : In hair and make up chair now ; ) "make me over" hehehe

Hahahahahahahahahaha just went on the BIGGEST "trip' of my life!! *looking around to make sure no one saw* LOL

Monday, 19 April 2010

CherriV Schedule

Cherri V Has a busy week ahead .
She is having a photoshoot tomorrow for her NEW press shots. Plus studio and recording her A64 with @sbtvonline !

Cherri V Is hosting at this event....Next in LONDON
Location:Pigalle Club
Time:Thursday, 29 April 2010 20:00

Cherri V Tweets from Twitter

CherriV 18.4.10:

2 followers away from 1800 ; ) thanks for following my journey.... ; )

Thanks guys!!! Looks like it IS Lisa Stanfield ; )

Who sings that song again "I may not be a lady, but I'm all woman" RANDOM question...

PHOTOSHOOT on tuesday!!! Gonna have to do a bit of filming for this one, deffo need some more "in action" footage don't ya think guys?

I AM gonna get it too....

I want more.

Went to see Cemetery Junction today.... REALLY enjoyed it!! NOT cause I was in it lol, got a few good shots in there though... ; )

HEY NEW FOLLOWERS!!!! What made YOU click "follow Cherri V"

RT @6060music: Check out @cherriv's New Youtube Click... Make sure you subscribe!!!

Glad I went church this morning!!!! Those feelings that were tryna consume me are getting LARK ARFF!!!! Forward, Straight!

"I'll never be the saaaaame, if we ever meet again, won't let u get awayyyyyyy if we ever meet again" ; )

on set "Cemetery Junction" i look like a dumplin here LOL

AFROOOOO!!!!!!!! hehehe in my "Cemetery Junction" Costume : )

on set (well outside) filming "Cemetery Junction"

Gonna go see Cemetery Junction today ; ) gonna post up some pics soon from the sceens I shot for it ; ) *Cherri Top in the credits lol*

I should have photo shopped it, turned th B to a V!! Hehehe

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Timberland ft Katy Perry By Cherri V "if we ever meet again"!

CherriVon — 18 April 2010 — Giving u a lil snippet of "If we ever meet again" By Timberland ft Katy Perry...... holla and tell me what you"d like me to sing next!!!! : ) follow me on twitter

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Photos of CherriV Gig at Essence Nightclub

Cherri V in Cementry Junction

Cherri V is in Ricky Gervais / Stephen Marchant latest film Cementry Junction

Below is a Vid Cap from Trailer , I am sure this is Cherri V in the background top left !

Good News and Bad News

Unfortunately the N-Dubz Official After Party that @cherriv was due to perform at has been Cancelled We'll keep you posted on the new date!

CherriV :Upset about the N-dubz show was really looking forward to it ; (

But the good news is !

CherriV :So I played one of the singers in the new Ricky Gervais film "Cemetery Junction" and they decided to name me "Cherri Top" in the credits lol

CherriV :So, its Cherri V aka Cherri Top according to the credits on......

Link to Cementry Junction Official Site

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cherri V Tweets from Twitter

Message: Clowning!! while I'm waiting for Mr @stephentosh to come get me so we can roll up to this gig, rocking a feather...

Performing at Essence in Kingston tonight ; ) on a late one...

Been writing a few bits and bobs today... Fun times....

Gonna hit the gym Nike training before my gig tonight @ Essence in Kingston ; )

@ the gym ; )

Nike training done, I wanna hit the boxing class but thr's NOT 1 female in sight!! Who's holding the pads 4 those hard back men?? Not I

K I'm a MESS right now after thoses two classes, I went back to see if any females had surfaced and they had ; ) so I done the boxing class!

No its time to get fresh for tonight ; ) performing at Essence nightclub in Kingston....

I think I'm slightly addicted to my likkle blow heater lol I could sit underneath it all day!! Lol central heating or no central heating!!

#nowplaying Jill Scott "slowly surely I walk away from...." BIG never gets old ; )

Can't BELIEVE I'm wearing a dress tonight to perform!!!! Hahahaha never normally do it.... New things, new days....

Heyyyyyyyyy new followers!!!!!!!!!!! MUAH!!!

On my way to Kingston to PERFORM whoooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!!

Just pulled up to Essence Nightclub in Kingston.....

CherriV message on Myspace+Facebook

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
What do u wanna here me sing next for youtube?????
So Guys ive given you my original track "Watch it and wish it well"

KiKi Kierra Sheard cover of "Invisible"

lastly Skool Daze Acoustic

WHAT WOULD U LIKE TO SEE ME SING NEXT???????????????????????

Throw your ideas at me : )

Cherri V SMOOCHES!!! xx

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Photos of CherriV at Madamejojos

Blue nails for the first time..... What u think guys?? Hehehehehe

Backstage at Madame JoJos, I'm on next......

Cherri V "Skool Daze" (acoustic)

CherriVon — 12 April 2010 — Myself and errrrrrmm lol my guitarist Tom..... putting a spin on skool daze.... hope u likey likey!!!!! : )

Monday, 12 April 2010

CherriV Schedule updated

Cherri V is on stage TONIGHT 12th April at Madamejojos for Caught In The Act!

Cherri V is at Essence nightclub in Kingston on Wednesday 14th April

Cherri V Saturday 17 April performing at the NDubz AfterParty

Cherri V Is hosting at this event....Next in LONDON
Location:Pigalle Club
Time:Thursday, 29 April 2010 20:00

Cherri V Tweets from Twitter

@Cherriv Sun 11.4.10 ....So hopefully 2morrow.... Bear with me peeps... ; (

So, I have recorded the acoustic version of Skool Daze for youtube but I can't upload it until I get my charger back... Soweeeee... Cont

Sometimes I h8 how small the world is 2 much mix up!! U know when u feel lk u cant get close 2 certain peeps cause of who they roll w/?
I'm convinced now..... Guys r MUCH more mix up than girls!!!! LOL
Not ALL men and NOT Cavalli.... Just a good bunch lol

EEEEErrrrrrrbody!!! I'm performing at "Caught in the act" comedy show 2morrow night @ Madame JoJos in Soho!! Swing by if your free ; )

Taio has hit the stage @ KoKo pops for T4.... Watch it next sat : )
Still @ KoKo...... Having a bag of laughs!! LOL youtube searching

Off to Koko... Gonna catch Taio Cruz performance for the filming of T4 koko pops.... "Its a beautiful day" with a bit of breeze lol

Havnt eaten and REAL FOOD ALL DAY #Fail ....

So skool daze acoustic for youtube it IS then : )

Skool Daze acoustic version.... Because of your replies.... May have to do a youtube one real quick before I step out ; ) where's Tom?

Skool Daze acoustic?shall I? Shall I not? Lol

Skool Daze acoustic?

CherriV Sat 10.4.10
"As long as u keeeeeep, your head to the sky, you can win" my mum used to have this song on REPEAT - sounds of blackness

Latest Tweetphotos from Cherri V

My new fav ring ; ) copped from Freedom (Top Shop) ; )

Snap snap

One of the goodies I picked up earlier ; )

Friday, 9 April 2010

Recent Cherri V Tweets

@CherriV Fri9.4.10
Meeting my stylists today SHOPPING TRIP!!!! Whoop whoop bout to SWITCH it up!!!!!!! Photoshoot, next single sooooon come!!!

New film "Shelter" - "before he takes your life, he will posess your soul" errrmmmm how about NO!!

@cherriV Thurs 8.4.10
So many attacks man!!!! Just LEAVE ME!!!!! The devil is a LIAR!!!!!

Need a drummer for your tracks, artists and producers???? @juniorjkkirton is your GUY!!! Holla!!! ; )

Who knows that Slum Villiage track when he says "who the beep is this sitting in my session" lol lol lol

I don't do that to other people!!

I HATE random people sitting in on my session

RT@JadeEwenFan:Cherri V has Beautiful new hairstyle

@JadeEwenFan JEEEEZE u move soooooo fast!!!! LOVE IT!!! ; )

Awwwwwww thanks for the RT guys!!! I was slighty worried of what u were all gonna say lol

@CherriV Wed 7.4.10 neck is bare.... No more hair!!! Lol

RIGHT!!!! Hair is did!!! Its crazy!!! Not used to this ; ) I wanna take a GOOD pic then post it up.....

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tinchy Stryder Ft. Cherri V - You're Not Alone live in the GMTV web lounge

GMTV — 23 October 2009 — Tinchy Stryder joined GMTV in the web lounge for an acoustic performance of his hit single You're Not Alone

Cherri V on the School Tour - Til the sun comes up performance

CherriVon — 13 December 2009 — Cherri V school tour performing her track til the sun comes up in various schools during her 20 days 40 schools tour up and down the country.

Cherri V Entertains Pupils at Longcroft School

Monday, 5 April 2010

Happy Easter From CherriV 4.4.10

Kiki Kierra Sheard "Invisible" (Snippet) by Cherri V

CherriVon — 04 April 2010 — HAPPY EASTER 2010!!! Just a lil Gospel snippet for this special day!!!! MUAH!!!!!!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Brand New Cherri V - Watch It and Wish It Well

CherriVon — 02 April 2010 — Me singing an original track I Co-Wrote with Progression!!! I normally perform a snippet of this at gigs with my band!! SHOUT OUT Progression on writing and Production : )

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Addresses to see more of CherriV

CherriV :
Last chance to VOTE for a youtube cover you'd like to see me do??? what song do u want Cherri V to sing for you LIVE and DIRECT on youtube??????

CherriV :


Just wanted to let u KNOW that, I have had my OWN Blog set up for meeeeeeeee : )

heres the add so u can sign up and Follow meeee on this journey even MORE!!!!!!! : )



HEYYYYYY!! Im coming to Bristol on April 4th!!!!!

The Red Hot Radio Link up PARLAYYY!!!! at the BlueMountain club....


Alongside Kele Le Roc, DeMande and Nicole Jackson.....

Who's coming???????

BIG BIG Cherri SMOOCHES!!!!!!!