Friday, 9 April 2010

Recent Cherri V Tweets

@CherriV Fri9.4.10
Meeting my stylists today SHOPPING TRIP!!!! Whoop whoop bout to SWITCH it up!!!!!!! Photoshoot, next single sooooon come!!!

New film "Shelter" - "before he takes your life, he will posess your soul" errrmmmm how about NO!!

@cherriV Thurs 8.4.10
So many attacks man!!!! Just LEAVE ME!!!!! The devil is a LIAR!!!!!

Need a drummer for your tracks, artists and producers???? @juniorjkkirton is your GUY!!! Holla!!! ; )

Who knows that Slum Villiage track when he says "who the beep is this sitting in my session" lol lol lol

I don't do that to other people!!

I HATE random people sitting in on my session

RT@JadeEwenFan:Cherri V has Beautiful new hairstyle

@JadeEwenFan JEEEEZE u move soooooo fast!!!! LOVE IT!!! ; )

Awwwwwww thanks for the RT guys!!! I was slighty worried of what u were all gonna say lol

@CherriV Wed 7.4.10 neck is bare.... No more hair!!! Lol

RIGHT!!!! Hair is did!!! Its crazy!!! Not used to this ; ) I wanna take a GOOD pic then post it up.....

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