Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Cherri V Tweets and Tweetphotos

CherriV:Still @ Troy bar.... Calmed down a lil now lol

CherriV:Pear Cider.... My weekness *yeah I said it lol*

CherriV:Drinking Pear Cider through a straw *side eyes* LOL

CherriV:2 days to go!!!!

CherriV: Bout to have THEE PR, and press meeting ; ) moving forward..... So excited about working with this team ; )

CherriV: I miss my lil Jack Russel ; ( her name was "Bibbi" hehehehe prob lil live wire she was!! She would chuck it with ANY dog, ANY shape or size!

CherriV: Nothing like a pair of white pumps or kicks when the sun is shining.......

CherriV: People always feel what's real, even if the situation or event has pass. "Silent Lover"

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