Monday, 26 April 2010

Cherri V Tweets and Tweetphotos


Can't wait for u guys to see the pics from my promo shoot... @stephentosh JUST picked em up!!! Whoop whoop!! ; )

Off to see @maireadrocks perform... @juniorjkkirton on drums.... *lil rockstar* look out for her ; )

CherriV : Everytime I hear it now, it makes me smile cause I'm NO LONGER in that situation : )

CherriV : Seriously the feedback on "Silent Lover" is crazy to me cause I wrote that a few years ago STRAIGHT from the heart! *True stories* .... Cont

CherriV : Thanking God for the gift of song and the ability to write about the matters of my heart along with melody.

CherriV : If u have been given a gift TREASURE it and don't abuse it, Give thanks and forever use it. about 14 hours ago via UberTwitter

CherriV : Waow so the Whitney Concert was an experience.... STILL love her regardless....

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