Monday, 19 April 2010

Cherri V Tweets from Twitter

CherriV 18.4.10:

2 followers away from 1800 ; ) thanks for following my journey.... ; )

Thanks guys!!! Looks like it IS Lisa Stanfield ; )

Who sings that song again "I may not be a lady, but I'm all woman" RANDOM question...

PHOTOSHOOT on tuesday!!! Gonna have to do a bit of filming for this one, deffo need some more "in action" footage don't ya think guys?

I AM gonna get it too....

I want more.

Went to see Cemetery Junction today.... REALLY enjoyed it!! NOT cause I was in it lol, got a few good shots in there though... ; )

HEY NEW FOLLOWERS!!!! What made YOU click "follow Cherri V"

RT @6060music: Check out @cherriv's New Youtube Click... Make sure you subscribe!!!

Glad I went church this morning!!!! Those feelings that were tryna consume me are getting LARK ARFF!!!! Forward, Straight!

"I'll never be the saaaaame, if we ever meet again, won't let u get awayyyyyyy if we ever meet again" ; )

on set "Cemetery Junction" i look like a dumplin here LOL

AFROOOOO!!!!!!!! hehehe in my "Cemetery Junction" Costume : )

on set (well outside) filming "Cemetery Junction"

Gonna go see Cemetery Junction today ; ) gonna post up some pics soon from the sceens I shot for it ; ) *Cherri Top in the credits lol*

I should have photo shopped it, turned th B to a V!! Hehehe

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