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Cherri V - "Dont Go" Wretch 32 refixx

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Cherri V - Greedy Eyes (Viral Video) + Lyrics

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"Greedy eyes" written by Cherri V Produced by Swindle!!

*The Realest Song I ever wrote*


Letters strung together, your the only lover not another forever
I was yours, Only yours
Walking around with a token, of your love, show 'em that I was spoken for
Applause, I was yours


Sometimes I feel so sick
Empty inside, like I died from what you did to me
Sometimes I feel so ill
I don't wait for the pain it takes to heal


Say your goodbyes
Tell me more more lies
Im the best thing u ever had
Oh greedy eyes

Say your goodbyes
Maybe you'll cry but
How many tears can really fall
From Greedy eyes


Beautiful proposal, with one night it all became disposable
Was yours, Only yours
After all the pictures were painted, every memory became so tainted
I was yours only yours


Sometimes I feel so sick
Empty inside, like I died from what you did to me
Sometimes I feel so ill
I don't wait for the pain it takes to heal


Say your goodbyes
Tell me more more lies
Im the best thing u ever had
oh greedy eyes

Say your goodbyes
Maybe you'll cry but
How many tears can really fall from
Your greedy eyes


Sorry I can't feed your appetite
Sorry I can't feed your appetite
Sorry I can't feed your appetite
Sorry I can't feed your appetite
Sorry I can't feed your appetite
Sorry I can't feed your appetite

Your Greedy eyes.

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Cherri V feeling young at heart

Ms V | cherriv
Don't I look like a child in this pic?? Looool

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Cherri V – Shades of Red [Free Download] ~ MOBO Website

Cherri V – Shades of Red [Free Download]

Natalie Ferrol
Cherri V – Shades of Red [Free Download]
Cherri V after much anticipation finally releases her debut EP ‘Shades of Red’. The UK R&B singer has had a great year touring with Tinchy Stryder. She also supported previous American Idol winner Fantasia’s London gig. The EP includes features from Leshurr, Angel and and J2k with production from Dready, Harmony and Davinche. This is an all rounder with a nice blend of pop ballads and hard-hitting R&B beats.
Download here:
Words: Natalie Ferrol

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Cherri V – Shades Of Red : E.P Review by BIG TONNE

Cherri V – Shades Of Red : E.P Review

Posted: July 13, 2011 by Big Tonne in Albums & Mixtapes
UK “Girl Power” has taken over in recent times with the success of female artists such as Jessie J, Katy B, Ms Dynamite etc, etc. but there’s one red-headed female that needs to be added to this list. Creating a huge buzz in the UK at the moment, Cherri V has a strong image, voice and personality, not to forget her music, with a soul driven sound that is addictive to your ear drums, this girl is only going one way, and that’s up!
Shades of Red is an E.P release, available free to download, 13 tracks strong, showcasing Cherri V’s musical versatility, talent and style! The intro kicks off showcasing Cherri V’s vocals and Miss Prim’s mic skills, with a host from Wretch 32 to get the CD underway.
Track 2 – Favourite Girl, is a track with an electro sound, almost grime/dubstep driven but with that commercial crossover edge. Cherri V sings about wanting to be everyone’s favourite girl, emphasising that she wants to be at the top of the world. This has that mass appeal where it could be played on radio or in the club due to its crossover sound! It also features Lady Leshurr who wraps up the breakdown on the track!
“I’m In Love”, track 3 featuring Stush. This track has a piano, RnB ballad sound that gets flipped on its head when dropped into the verse with a reggae vibe, in an off beat progressive sound, where Cherri V does her magic, and talks about Love. This is another track I could easily hear on the radio, clearly something in the E.P that Cherri wanted was a collection of hits! Stush adds more reggae/ragga flavours, with her bashment style accent and MC delivery, showcasing another strong female collaboration. Check the video below!
Track 4, is a mellow, string and piano driven track, that shows Cherri V’s easily listening side, discussing the need for her partner to “Inbox” her. The need for a woman to have that attention, and the need to know her man is thinking of them is showcased in the RnB ballad. A very smooth sound!
Keeping it mellow, this acoustic track “But Now”, number 5 on the E.P, is an amazing song! I love acoustic music and the way this record progressed with a piano sound worked and Cherri V’s angelic voice and superb songwriting complements the sound. Definitely one for the repeat tab for all them RnB lovers out there, where she portrays her need to see someone, with the topic of missing someone close, it’s something everyone can relate to at some point in their life.
Track 6, the song that put Cherri into the limelight and the track I first heard from her. With a soulful sound, this track entitled “Greedy Eyes”, shows Cherri singing about feeling low and sick because of her lying ex, whilst showing her pride that she was the best thing he ever had. However the man’s desires and “Greedy Eyes” ended their relationship. Check the video below!

Number 7 on the E.P, Cherri gives us a snippet of a future hit, again with that RnB vibe, with a strong commercial edge that shouts out nothing but “HIT”. The snippet left me wanting to hear more of the track entitled “502″.
Track 8, brings us “Hard To Love”, and I am now addicted to Cherri V’s voice. Her sound is so catchy, where again she talks about love, but in this track she discusses her feelings changing in a relationship and how it’s been “Hard To Love” her partner, as she feels she can find someone better! This track has again that radio appeal like all of her music, this girl is really going places if she keeps making hit after hit! Real good UK music on the E.P!
Shades Of Red then brings us number 9 of 13 in the tracklisting, for a song called “Between The Sheets”. This ballad features Angel with the male/feamle collaboration, I could make easy comparison to Rhianna & Neyo, but the UK version – another hit! I am actually amazed she’s given this all away for free! Real good UK Urban Music! A great male and female collaboration, where both compliment each other vocally! Check the video below (this version is 3 years old and doesn’t feature Angel).
“Broken” featuring UK female godess, Shola Ama, is an acoustic ballad, where again a relationship is on the verge of splitting and the love has been broken, knowing it’s over! With the way it’s been written, and the catchyness yet soulful sound it has, it is another great track on the E.P at number 10 in the tracklist.
Track 11, unfortunately now coming to the end of the E.P is “Stole My Heartbeat”. It has a rocky kind of vibe to it, that does however complement Cherri’s voice and writing style. She talks, again like most of her songs about love, and a male, that she needs to get over.
Another snippet, this time for a track featuring Roll Deep’s J2k called “Taste Of Me”, with a hard-hitting 909, Electro/Hip Hop sound that again shouts out hit! Cherri is nothing short of big tracks throughout this collection on this E.P and this again leaves me wanting to hear more!
The final song on “Shades Of Red”, is called “Fairytale”. With a distorted electric guitar intro, mixed into a calming piano riff, that again shows Cherri’s diverse sound, where her topic of trying to find Mr Right, and wanting all the things in a “Fairytale” world is something we can all sympathise with at times. Lets hope her dreams come true, because I would love to see her “Fairytale” come true!
So there you have it, the biggest up and coming female vocalist in the UK has got an E.P you need to go and support right this second! Please go and download this amazing E.P (that sounds more like a full studio album), FREE!
Go to her facebook and download “Shades Of Red E.P” there, / or the direct link is –
Please note: You will need to download an extraction program (such as WinRar or WinZip) to extract the EP if you haven’t already got one on your PC. We recommend using .
Go and download the hottest princess in UK Urban Music – shes RED hot! Cherri V – Shades Of Red E.P
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Cherri V - I'm In Love - FlavourLive @ Cargo -12.7.11

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Cherri V - Favourite Girl - FlavourLive @ Cargo-12.7.11

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Cherri V-Motivation/Greedy Eyes (Acoustic)-FlavourLive @ Cargo-12th July 2011

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Cherri V Thank you Message to her Fans

Cherri V Thank You Message

Cherri V Thank You Message from Sticky Toffee PR on Vimeo.

Cherri V - Shades of Red EP - Free Download !!!

Ms VMs V |
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NEWS: Cherri V - 'Shades Of Red' EP

Having already performed this year at Glastonbury's Hub Stage, and supported Fantasia at Indig02 this summer hasn't been a quite one for Cherri V.
She presents us with 'Shades of Red' EP which features production from Harmony, Dready, DaVinChe and collaborations with Lady Leshurr, Angel, J2K and Shola Ama. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT? The talented singer/songwriter Cherri V is set to take the airwaves by storm since the single was debuted on BBC Radio 1 last week.
Big movements. Download 'Shades of Red' here!

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Cherri V LIVE!!!!! Pics of Cherri in the act... doing what She LOVES!!!!

Diary of Cherri V June 2011

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Cherri V on her travels!!! Footgae of Cherri V supporting Fantasia in Concert, being on the road with Tinchy Stryder, performing at Glastonbury and her most recent photoshoot!!!