August 22, 2011 Posted by sam in The Splash

With a striking voice and look to match, Cherri V has understandably drummed up quite the industry buzz. One which looks set to intensify, as her promotional push picks up steam.
A former member of Sony Music group Trinity Stone (with the Sugababes' Jade Ewen), V has struck out on her own - boasting a sound which could easily see her as a fixture on charts of the Urban and Pop persuasions.
With many a live show on the horizon and a recording stint in the US forthcoming, you'll, no doubt, be seeing and hearing a lot more from this bright new. For now, you can and hear her soar on this, the latest episode of The Splash!
Her new mixtape, 'Shades of Red', is available to download by clicking here.
Setlist:Motivation (Kelly Rowland Cover)Greedy EyesInterview
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