Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Cherri V Tweets + Photos from Photoshoot

CherriV : REALLY happy with the two looks shot so far ; )

Make up did....

One of the make up looks for the shoot today ; ) by my make up artist Ms Sheeba Raye, love her work *excitement*

CherriV : Can't WAIT till u guys hear Roll deep ft Cherri V "Over the Rainbow" ; ) all in due time ; ) *as u were then*

CherriV : ...... Trying my best to keep ya updated ; )

CherriV : In the hair and make up chair whoop deepedee doooooo!!! Imma post some pics soon and film a few clips for youtube ; ) .....

CherriV : In hair and make up chair now ; ) "make me over" hehehe

Hahahahahahahahahaha just went on the BIGGEST "trip' of my life!! *looking around to make sure no one saw* LOL


  1. Hey thats an awesome photo on the head of your blog! BTW: have you drawn that picture on this article? Because it´s great! I´ll follow your blog now!
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  2. Thanks for your comments . Yes CherriV photoon the header is great and no i didnt draw that illustration , it was part of the article. Thanks for following