Monday, 12 April 2010

Cherri V Tweets from Twitter

@Cherriv Sun 11.4.10 ....So hopefully 2morrow.... Bear with me peeps... ; (

So, I have recorded the acoustic version of Skool Daze for youtube but I can't upload it until I get my charger back... Soweeeee... Cont

Sometimes I h8 how small the world is 2 much mix up!! U know when u feel lk u cant get close 2 certain peeps cause of who they roll w/?
I'm convinced now..... Guys r MUCH more mix up than girls!!!! LOL
Not ALL men and NOT Cavalli.... Just a good bunch lol

EEEEErrrrrrrbody!!! I'm performing at "Caught in the act" comedy show 2morrow night @ Madame JoJos in Soho!! Swing by if your free ; )

Taio has hit the stage @ KoKo pops for T4.... Watch it next sat : )
Still @ KoKo...... Having a bag of laughs!! LOL youtube searching

Off to Koko... Gonna catch Taio Cruz performance for the filming of T4 koko pops.... "Its a beautiful day" with a bit of breeze lol

Havnt eaten and REAL FOOD ALL DAY #Fail ....

So skool daze acoustic for youtube it IS then : )

Skool Daze acoustic version.... Because of your replies.... May have to do a youtube one real quick before I step out ; ) where's Tom?

Skool Daze acoustic?shall I? Shall I not? Lol

Skool Daze acoustic?

CherriV Sat 10.4.10
"As long as u keeeeeep, your head to the sky, you can win" my mum used to have this song on REPEAT - sounds of blackness

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