Monday, 26 July 2010

Cherri V @ YoYo (Notting Hill)

Cherri V @ YoYo (Notting Hill)

image Cherri V @ YoYo (Notting Hill)

A selection of new UK talent took to the stage in this intimate Notting Hill venue on 8th July 2010. Situated minutes from Notting Hill Gate station, this underground venue attracts a mixture of residents, industry people and 'real' music fans. None of whom, left disappointed.

First to get us in the mood was star of the future, Cherri v. Backed by a small band, her natural ability shone out and she had an energy that only served to increase the one within the crowd.

23-year old Cherri V, real name Cherice Voncelle, has been working her way up steadily and has created a buzz from everyone who has heard her amazing voice. There are rumours of an up-coming collaboration with UK grime stars Wiley and Kano, with Wiley regularly praising her skills on his Twitter page.

A mixture of original material and a re-written version of Tinie Tempah's Pass Out entitled 'Let it Rain', had the crowd dancing and attempting to sing along. To watch this beautiful young lady you would think she had been around for years, such was her composure and confidence. In a venue such as this, every note is heard and they were all perfect.

Many people struggle to connect with the audience as she did, after all you cannot buy stage presence. Seeing her live proved that those who are truly talented, don't need the security that comes from a studio and its auto-tune button. Many female 'singers' may wish to take note.

Cherri V is not your typical 'pop princess', being heavily involved in all creative aspects of her work. Having spoken to her; I can tell you she is intelligent, humble and willing to put in the hard work that will take her to the top.

Believe me when I say, we will be seeing her up there very soon.

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