Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cherri V Sundae ft Lioness - "Lets stay home" Studio Session

CherriVon | 17 October 2010
This weeks Cherri V Sundae is an original track ft Lioness called "Lets stay home" Produced by T2!!!! You can DOWNLOAD it for FREE from sunday 17/10/10 7pm!!!!!

EVERY SUNDAY (Until Nov 15th-The Show release date) Im giving YOU a free track!!!!

THATS a Cherri V Sundae!! yum Yum!!


Cherri Smooches!!!!

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  1. Hi
    Was listening to BBC from Canada and heard your new track on the Ronnie Herel show. Really liked it and wanted to have my friends have a listen but nowhere online is your song"Let's stay home tonite" posted for ppl to have a listen. Though I'd bring that to your attention.