Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cherri V at Capital's Summertime Ball + Studio + Candids

Cherri V at Capital's Summertime Ball
Elloo! I let the bun loose for once ; )) hehe

RT : Summertime ball lets gooooooo!!!! W and 

Cherri V shots behind the scenes at the studio + Candids

Saw this likkle light an got excited lol tryna be creative in the vocal booth ...

Chiling while Mr Riley in the booth....

Tried to be slick and take a pic from a birds eye view but u can blatantly seee the bb shadow! LooooL

"Don't step pon mi RED creppppp...."



side profile

#StudioSnaps Bubble gummmmmmmmmmmmmm


#StudioSnaps with My Bravvvva Jermaine Riley

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