Thursday, 18 March 2010

CherriV Biography

Cherri V

Described by one discerning journalists as "..the next sensation in the UK"*, Cherri V is one of those talented artists who bubbles a cauldron of lifetime talent on a quiet simmer, until POW! - suddenly one day she smacks the UK public between the ears and a mass of adoring admirers are in her intoxicating custody for good. With an awesome blend of unique rock/pop/RnB, this stunning talent of writer/singer all rolled into one, is the juiciest cherry on the top of any musical cake.

London born, Cherri V, is no stranger to a music industry that's been watching her ripen to perfection since she was a small child. After a gently forceful motherly/grandmotherly hand persuaded her to showcase her talent, little Cherri made her first God-gifted performance to the congregation of her church at the tender age of 5. Cherri's talents couldn't be suppressed and is wasn't long before her auntie (phenomenal soul legend) Mica Paris, later gifted her niece with a cameo role in her video for, 'My One Temptation', which whetted Cherri's appetite for a slice of the musical limelight even more. Cherri then went on to study her craft at the renowned, Brit school, and while just in her teens, she was wowing live audiences as she toured with Mercury Prize winner, Ms Dynamite.

But it was Cherri's collaborations with the likes of Gnarls Barkley and hit producers Soulshock and Karlin (Brandy, Toni Braxton, Lutha Vandross etc) which turned this talented berry into one of the most desirable fruits in the musical garden.

For those of you with a perceptive pop eye, you'll recognise Miss V from her former band days with the RnB trio, Trinity Stone, who formed in 2005, signed to Sony/BMG, sharing the stage of live gigs with the likes of Sugababes, McFly and Girls Aloud.

Cherri's big chance came in 2007 when the band's contract with their record label came to an amicable end, paving the way for the launch of Cherri V, the solo artist. It didn't take long for Cherri to be snatched up and signed to the independent label 6060 Music - her fate was sealed. This is where thetrue talent of the awesome Ms Cherri finally came to fruition as she was given free rein to write, and sing her own music, a liberating privilege which has given birth to a truly fresh and unique sound that's simply mind blowing.

With a debut album, 'Fast Cars, Silk Sheets and Favourite Guys', set for release later in 2009, Miss V is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to rocking the pop world with her unique and addictive rocky, RnB-popness. Describing her forthcoming album as a gorgeous collection of tracks which, in her own words,

"... unites a mixture of RnB,Rock and Pop melodies with a provoking piece of Cherri on top!", Cherri is determined to stamp her deliciously sassy mark on everything in her melodic quake.

This delectable little Cherri may be sweet and enticing, but she means business and she won't stop singing her mouthwatering brand of music until she's conquered the UK masses with an infallible victory - maybe that's what the 'V' stands for - she'll keep you guessing! But one thing's for sure, after a sheer nibble of the divine glory of the Cherri V experience - you'll be gagging for more after the first bite!

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