Monday, 22 March 2010

Recent Cherri V Tweets

Singer/Song-Writer, U.K Artist!!!! giving u a cocktail of r'n'b and pop!!!wid a Cherri on top!! wanna taste?

Twitter @CherriV

"Bands goin innnn @ Suga Hut!!!!!! I'm hiding in the corner so Patrick Allen doesn't try and ask me to help with backing vocals lol "

"If u call yourself a musician make sure you LEARN songs!!! Not just ones from todays charts either lol opens up opp for MUCH more work!!"

" I love u guys but if I hear "everyday people" by arrested developement ONE MORE TIME at a live gig I AM gonna scream!!! #imjustsaying "

"Lifes funny.... "

"Just sang a song at sugar hut with @brenda_edwards (X-Factor) that was fun ; )"

"They try but I fight em yeah, those evil doers"

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